No puppies currently available. Our next litter is expected Fall of 2022. Complete an application to join the waitlist.

Our Process

Start the journey of bringing home a puppy today!

Our mini and petite golden doodles are $2,300 total. We ask for a minimum deposit of $300 to reserve your puppy. Follow the steps below to get started.


Fill out the Puppy Application

Before submitting your initial deposit, you can start your reservation by completing the puppy application form. Because we want to ensure our puppies are going to responsible, loving, and caring homes we thoroughly vet all applicants.


Approval and Waiting List

We will contact you once we have reviewed and accepted your application. At that time you will need to submit your initial deposit of $300.00. You will also be able to set your gender preference. From that point your position on the waiting list for a choice of puppy is secured. The selection of puppies will occur in the order that the deposits are received for each gender. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable unless other arrangements are made.


Submit Final Payment

Before bringing home your new golden doodle puppy, you’ll need to submit the final payment when the puppy is 6 weeks old.  Just like with the deposits, we accept cash, check, or venmo transfers.
*Checks will need to clear through our bank before you will be able to pick up your puppy.


Puppy Visit (Optional)

You may schedule a visit before the puppies are ready to go home but you will not be able to select your puppy. (unless you have first pick of either gender).


Coordinate Pickup!

The best part of the whole process is when you get to meet the new addition to your family. We will schedule puppy pick up times in the order that the deposits were received. You will need to be available to come at the scheduled time so that those waiting behind you can proceed with selecting and taking home their puppies. 

Your 8 week old puppy will come freshly shampooed, dewormed, dew claws removed, vet checked, and will have all current vaccinations. Your puppy will also come with a sample bag of dog food and toy with the scent of the litter for an easier first few nights.


Do I want a more laid back or a more active puppy?

If you answered “active”, we would suggest a female puppy. Often they need more mental stimulation than male dogs and in turn need more activity. If you answered “Laid Back”, we would suggest you purchase a male puppy.

How are your puppies raised?

Our philosophy stands firm that all of our breeding dogs live in either our home, or our guardian family homes, as a key member of the family.

Our puppy nursery is part of our home and allows for 24/7 care. We bring all of our expecting mamas into our home to closely monitor their deliveries as well as their care of the puppies. We document the major milestones the puppies go through during the first 8-weeks of their life.

Most importantly, the round the clock care provides ample opportunities for us to photograph and video the puppies’ growth to share with their forever families.

Are goldendoodles good with children or other pets?

The answer is – yes! This totally fits in with their personality. Golden doodles are wonderful family pets, especially when introduced to children at an early age.

At Tande’s Tails we expose the puppies to children of varying ages during the first 8-weeks. Our three young boys love toddling around with the puppies, but we also encourage children of various ages being introduced towards the end of their time with us.

I just brought my puppy home and he/she is...

1. CRYING IN THEIR CRATE – First, try taking the puppy outside to see if it needs to potty. If the puppy just starts to play and does not do it’s business within 5 minutes, return it to it’s crate. Unfortunately, your puppy needs to “cry it out” in the crate. We recommend a snuggle puppy, this should also help. DO NOT take the puppy out and let it sleep with you. This means the puppy has won.

2. NOT WANTING TO EAT – Don’t panic. There have been a lot of changes happening in your puppy’s life in the last few days. Just give it some time or spice up their kibble by drizzling some chicken or beef broth over it.

3.HAVING ACCIDENTS IN THE HOUSE – Unfortunately, this is just a part of being a puppy! Please refer to the guide in your puppy’s go-home booklet.

What is the personality of a golden doodle?

Such a great question! This is why we breed this amazing breed. Being a hybrid, the golden doodles pick up on the best traits of both breeds: the intelligence and trainability of the poodle and the loveable personality of the english cream retriever.

How much does a puppy cost?

Our golden doodles cost a total of $2,300. You’ll need to pay $300 up front in order to be added to the waitlist and the remaining $2,000 before you can pick up your puppy.

Quality Assurance

We give our puppies the time and attention they need to give them the best start possible right from day one until it’s time to leave for their forever home at around 8 weeks.

We are strong believers in crate training. This method, when used properly, is an important tool to aid in housebreaking. Our pups are encouraged to do their “business” outside.

They are dewormed, vet checked, and have had their first shots. They leave with a puppy care package and an item with a scent of the litter so that they won’t get too lonely their first night and a 2 year written health guarantee.

We also provide a support system for new owners with as much guidance as is required to keep everyone on track with the new member of your family.


We, at Tande’s Tails, provide a 2 year health guarantee after the date of sale against all life threatening genetic defects. Should a defect appear within this time period we will either replace the puppy with another of equal value when available or will reimburse you the amount of and no greater than the purchase price of the puppy. In these situations, we will require a letter of diagnosis from your vet along with his/her telephone number before any reimbursements occur. In the event of a puppy replacement, we will assume no shipping costs. We, the sellers, take no responsibility for any veterinarian costs whatsoever after the puppy or dog leaves the premises of Tande’s Tails.